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How to set flag notes for the services?

The industry changes a lot and it’s hard for new hires to learn everything about each model and repair. For example, it is hard for sales representatives to know about the technical complexities and issues when a device goes through a repair. Let's say a customer asks the sales representative to fix his iPhone 6s screen. The sales representative creates a repair ticket for him but he doesn't know if a customer goes with the screen repair of iPhone 6s then his home button might not work or let's say if a customer wants to go with some cheaper option of screen replacement then that cheaper option might cause some other issues in the device.

In order to resolve this issue we added a new feature in our repairdesk. Now users can set the flag notes against every new and existing service and add some important information in these notes. If we take the previous example of the iPhone 6s, the user can add a note against the screen replacement service of the iPhone 6s for his employees. So when the sales representative or any other employee will be creating a repair ticket, on the selection of a service a flag popup will appear, and added flag notes will be displayed in that popup so it would be easy for a sales representative to tell the customer about the future issue if he or she will go with the selected repair service, etc.

You can set the flag notes for all the new and existing services by going to the services section.

Perform the following steps to add the flag notes.

1- Click on the Inventory drop-down from the header.

2- Select Repairs under the manage services dropdown.

3- You can either add a flag note against the existing service or a new service.

4- After selecting any of the above options, you will see the flag note field where you can add important notes about the selected service.

5- Add the important notes in the flag note field and click on the save button.

6- You can also add the flag notes while editing the repair service on POS

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