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Register Sales


The Register Sales report in Repairdesk provides detailed sales information related to payment methods, including totals, discounts, tax, received payments, and account receivables. It is a cash-based report that displays data from paid and partially paid invoices. Unpaid invoices are not included in this report.

To access and utilize the Register Sales report, follow these steps:

1. Report Search Filters

    • Store: Select the specific store you want to generate the report for.
    • Date: Apply date filters such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, or choose a Custom Range.
    • Criteria: Filter the report based on Employee, Customer, or Method criteria. You can select one or more employees, customers, or methods (e.g., cash, stripe, offline credit card) to filter the report accordingly.

2. Export Options

    • Excel: Export the report data to an Excel file for further analysis or record-keeping purposes.
    • PDF: Generate a PDF file containing the report details.
    • Print: Print a physical copy of the sales summary report using the print button.

3. Report Columns

The Register Sales report consists of the following columns:

  • Store: Displays the name of the store associated with the sales.
  • Invoice Date: Shows the date when the invoice was created.
  • Invoice ID: Unique identifier for each invoice.
  • Customer: Displays the name of the customer associated with the invoice.
  • Payment Method: Indicates the method of payment used for the invoice.
  • Total: Represents the total amount of the invoice.
  • Discounts: Lists any discounts applied to the invoice.
  • Tax: Shows the tax amount for the items included in the invoice.
  • Payment Received: Displays the amount received as payment for the invoice.
  • Account Receivables: Indicates the outstanding amount or receivables for the invoice.
  • Action: Clicking the View button opens a pop-up with detailed information about the invoice.

Key Takeaway

By analyzing the Register Sales report, you can gain valuable insights into your sales performance, understand the impact of different payment methods, track discounts and taxes, and manage account receivables. It serves as a comprehensive tool to monitor and evaluate your store's financial transactions.
Repairdesk's intuitive interface and customizable search filters make it easy to access the Register Sales report, export data, and generate reports according to your specific needs.

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