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POS (Point Of Sale)

  1. How does the POS section work?

  2. Cash Drawer

  3. How to create invoice for an existing repair ticket using POS

  4. How can I process refund/exchange in RepairDesk?

  5. Custom Fields

  6. How to Create A New Task Type?

  7. How Can I Create and Manage an Estimate?

  8. How can I Create and Manage Inquiries in RepairDesk?

  9. How to Enable Repair Categories on POS?

  10. Repair Module Configuration

  11. How To Enter & Track Expenses via Expense Management Module?

  12. How To Make It Mandatory to enter IMEI/ Serial Number on POS & Tickets?

  13. Split Payment Between Multiple Tender Types

  14. How can I start and end shift?

  15. How to Sell a Product?

  16. How to make it mandatory to take customer information?

  17. Switch User Profile (PIN Login)

  18. How can I add or update customer information from POS?

  19. What is Cash In/Out?

  20. How to create an invoice, take payment and add payment methods?

  21. How to print mini receipt, ticket label or full invoice

  22. How to add new manufacturer?

  23. How Can I Add Items to POS Basket?

  24. How can I update item from the list on POS?

  25. Can I add new inventory items from POS?

  26. Can I pause/ hold a customer order and reopen it later?

  27. How can I view all the previous orders from POS?

  28. How can I save an android phone pattern lock?

  29. How to apply a discount in RepairDesk POS

  30. How to make it compulsory to add network,device location and passcode while making repair ticket?

  31. How to Use Gift Cards in RepairDesk

  32. ⚡ How to create a Special Parts Order for a Non-catalogued Part?

  33. How to Setup Self Check-In?

  34. Suggestive Sale Alert

  35. Advanced Search Option in RepairDesk POS

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