How do I add a new customer?

Adding a New Customer in RepairDesk

To add a new customer simply head to Manage Customers section in RepairDesk

Click on the Add Customer button on top.

You will be taken to Add New Customer screen. Here you can enter all relevant information about a customer which can be of use for future reference.

You can enter customer information such as:

First Name - Customer's first name
Last Name - Surname of customer
Phone - Landline phone number of customer
Mobile - Customer's cell phone number
Driving Licence - Driving Licence Number of customer
Email - Email address
Organization - Organization to which customer belongs
Referred by - Referral channel for acquiring customer
Contact Person - Name of the contact person
Customer Group - Customer group in which a customer is placed. Click here to know more about customer groups.
Address Line 1 - Customer's address
Address Line 2 - Alternate address of customer
City - City in which commuter resides
State - State in which customer resides
Country - Country in which customer lives
Postcode - Postcode/ ZIP Code
Picture - You can add a picture of your customer as well. The image size would not be more than 2 MB
Network - Cellular network used by customer

Once you've entered customer information, hit Save Customer button to add details to customer record.

Q. Can I add a customer via POS ?
A. Sure thing! To add a customer through POS, click on New button in the customer section. A pop up screen will open, asking you to enter customer details. Once entered, click on Save to add customer.

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