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How to start accepting credit card payments with Stripe?

Stripe lets you accept credit card payments directly from Point of Sale. It's the easiest, most transparent credit card payment solution available to small businesses.

Available in the USA, Canada, Australia, the U.K., and more! See where else you can accept credit cards.

How to start accepting credit card payments with Stripe:

In order to enable Stripe integration you will need your Stripe API keys. If you do not already have this information, log into your Stripe account. Go to the "Account Settings->API Keys" page. Note the Secret Key and Publishable Key.

Now log into your RepairDesk account and go to the settings "Integration " page.

 On Stripe Page perform the following steps:
1- Check the box in front of 'Enable Stripe Gateway'
2- Enter Secret Key
3- Enter Publishable Key 
4- Stripe currency 
5- On hitting 'Save Changes', you will instantly be able to take a payment with credit card

How To Request Stripe Payment Via Email:
In order to include a Stripe payment link in the the email sent to the customer, you will need to follow the following steps:
1- In Integrations--> Stripe, enable the trigger described as "Receive Stripe Payments Via Email". 
2- Now, when you open the "Email Invoicepop-up, a trigger will appear described as "Request Invoice Payment Via Stripe".

3- On enabling the trigger in the "Email Invoice" pop-up described as "Request Invoice Payment Via Stripe", your sent invoice(via email) will include the Stripe payment link. 

Note: This trigger will only show up in the 'email invoice' pop-up against unpaid and partially paid invoices.  

4- On clicking this link, the customer will be redirected to the Stripe payment page.  
5- The Stripe payment link is portrayed in the picture below:

Note: After the customer has paid the amount of the invoice through this link, the status of the invoice will be updated as "Paid".

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