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πŸ’¬ Serialized Inventory

Q. What is the benefit of serialization?

A. Serial Number will tell you about:
  • When you purchased it?
  • Who you got it from?
  • Purchase order number it came in on
  • Who you sold it to?
  • Invoice number
  • Date of sale
  • How much you paid for it?
  • How much you sold it for?

Q. How to print barcodes for serialized items? 

A. If you wish to print barcodes for inventory items, simply select the serial numbers for which you wish to print barcodes, click on Settings and select Print Bar Codes from the drop-down menu. 

we can set the label design from Settings =>module configration =>Inventory 

Q. How to select a serial number while selling an item? 

A. On POS, in case no serial is selected for a serialized inventory item, your sales staff will be able to assign serial numbers when selling, or add serial numbers on the fly.   

Q. Can I sell an item which is marked as serialized but there are no serials created for that stock?

A. Yes, you can sell the item which is marked as serialized but the system will inform you about the item that serials are not created. it better to create serials but if you don't click on proceed any ways.

Q. Can I create serials while creating GRN?

A. yes you can create serials while receiving serials. and if the item is not marked as serialized but you created serials while making GRN item will be marked as serialized. Click here to View how GRN works. Click Here

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