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Custom Fields Against Customers

With custom fields against customers, you can have a customized experience to add and remove desired multiple criteria against a customer.

There are four type of custom fields you can create in RepairDesk against customers:

  • Textfield
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Calender

Creating Custom Fields against the customer

In order to create custom fields against the customer, head to Manage Custom section against add new customer page as shown below.

From this page, you can create custom fields against which data can be added while adding any new customer from manage customers section, POS, View Invoice, and View Ticket section.

By clicking on Add Custom Field, you will get the following pop-up where you can enter the attribute name and values against that attribute.

On hitting Save Changes, new custom field will be added.

Note: Custom fields will not be specified to any one customer. Custom fields created against one customer will be generic and displayed while adding any new customer

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