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How can I Add Terms & Conditions on Receipts, Invoices and Signatures?

Running a repair business requires some set agreed terms and conditions between you and your customer who is availing any service from you. These terms and conditions are mentioned on receipts and invoices of different types, acting as a reminded to your customers about the terms under which a transaction takes place. These can range from return policy to when payment is due. 

RepairDesk allows you to create different types of receipts and invoices. In this article we will discuss how to set terms and conditions for invoices, receipts and customer signatures. 

A. Invoices
To set terms and conditions for invoices:

1. Go to Invoices section under Module Configuration (Settings). 
2. You can set default terms and conditions which will be mentioned on your invoices by entering these terms under "Default Terms & Conditions" text area. 

3. Enter terms which are to appear above signatures, in the text field adjacent to the heading "Terms & Conditions on Signature"

4. You can mention terms and conditions appearing on Refund Invoices by entering them in the text field "Terms & Conditions on Refund Signature".

5. To enable/ disable signatures on invoices, use the trigger "Show signature on Invoice".

6. Once finished, click on Save Changes button to implement these changes. 

B. Receipts
To set terms and conditions on receipts:
1. To set terms and conditions on A4 sized receipts, enter terms in text field "Receipt Terms & Condition."

2. You can also set terms and conditions for your mini thermal receipt. Enter terms and conditions for thermal receipt in the text field "Mini Receipt Terms & Condition."

3. To display signatures on A4 Receipt and Thermal Receipt, enable triggers, "Show signature on Receipt" and "Show signature on Mini Receipt."

4. Click on Save Changes button to preserve these changes in Terms and Conditions. 

C. Customer Signatures
If you've enabled Customer Facing Display, you would need to set terms and conditions for Pre-Repair and Post-Repair Device conditions along with terms for Trade In devices. 

1. To set Terms and Condition for the above mentioned, go to Customer Facing Display under Integrations Settings. 

2. Click on the drop-down, "Enter Terms & Conditions For Pre Device Repair"  to enter terms and conditions which will appear on Customer Facing Display regarding Pre-Repair Device conditions. 

3. To enter terms and conditions for Post-Repair Device Conditions, click on the drop-down "Enter Terms & Conditions For Post Device Repair" and enter term in the text area. 


4. Click on "Enter Terms & Conditions For Trade In" drop-down to reveal text area where you can enter terms and conditions for Trade In devices. 

5. Once finished, click on Save button to  

Now when an order is shown at Customer Display terminal, customer can view these terms and conditions before providing their signatures. 

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