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Employee Dashboard


The Employee Dashboard in Repairdesk serves the purpose of offering employees and technicians a personalized view. It enables them to effectively handle repair jobs and prioritize tasks. This article will outline the essential features of the Employee Dashboard and its ability to improve workflow in your repair business.

1. Role-based Access

Once roles and permissions are assigned to employees, there will be a clear distinction between the admin dashboard and the dashboard accessible to technicians and staff members. This guarantees that each employee can access the necessary information according to their role in the organization.

2. Job Specific Information

The Employee Dashboard enables employees and technicians to easily monitor and manage repair, unlocking, and critical jobs. While the admin can access reports and sales status, other employees can view only job-specific information based on their assigned roles and permissions.

3. Repairs Overview

The "Repairs" section on the Employee Dashboard provides a clear overview of the total number of repair jobs that are either open, pending, or currently in progress. This allows employees to stay updated on the current workload and plan their tasks accordingly.

4. Unlocking Status

The "Unlocking" section displays the total number of pending or in-progress unlocking jobs. This feature empowers technicians to track and manage the unlocking process efficiently, ensuring timely completion of customer requests.

5. Critical Tickets

The "Critical" section highlights over-due tickets that have not been marked as repaired or completed yet. This helps employees prioritize urgent repair jobs and ensures no customer request is overlooked or delayed.

6. Upcoming Repair Jobs

Under the "What's Coming Up Next" heading, employees can view upcoming repair jobs scheduled. This feature enables better task management and allows employees to plan ahead, ensuring seamless service delivery to customers.

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