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Mail-in Repair Suite


Optimize your workflow and streamline repetitive tasks while reducing errors with the help of your own customized workflow. Simplify the data capture process by integrating triage, services, returns, and tracking of parts and labor all within a centralized system. RepairDesk's Mail-in Suite empowers you to automate your processes, saving you valuable time. Whether you're in jewelry repair, cell phone repair, computer repair, drone repair, watch repair, or any other industry, this solution caters to your needs and offers significant benefits.

How to build a Mail-in Repair workflow?

  • Create a custom service request form to embed in your website
  • Receive Mail-in Job requests
  • Triage, print asset label, diagnose, check warranty status & submit a quote
  • Get notified when the customer approves or rejects the quote
  • Complete the repair and send an invoice with a payment link
  • Print shipping label using ShipStation
  • Let customers track repair status from your website in real-time
  • Centralize communication and get emails, SMS & technician notes in one place

RepairDesk’s Mail-in Suite includes:

  • RepairDesk Forms

  • ShipStation Integration

  • Estimate Module

  • Customer Portal

  • Online Payments

  • Repair Tracker

RepairDesk Forms

Learn how to use RepairDesk Forms.

UPDATE: Now you can create multiple forms using RepairDesk Forms

If you need any further help, please click here.

ShipStation Integration

See how the integration works in RepairDesk.

If you need any further help, please click here.

Estimate Module

If a repair job needs additional work create an estimate against a repair ticket and email it to a customer, The customer has the option to either accept or reject the estimate. For more details, please click here.

Customer Portal

A perfect tool for repair depots that does a lot of mail-in repairs or repair stores that work with insurance companies, schools, and more and need an ability for these customers to create repair tickets, add notes, view communication logs, approve estimates, or even make payment. For more details, please click here.


Automate your mail-in repair process by seamlessly integrating RepairDesk with over 3,000+ apps. Say goodbye to manual processes as Zapier empowers you to effortlessly manage your mail-in repairs. To know more about it, click here.

Online Payments

Once a repair job is completed, email an invoice with a payment link. We're integrated with Stripe, PayPal, and RepairDesk Payments in the USA. For Stripe please click here. You can access Paypal's knowledge base here and RepairDesk Payments here.

Repair Tracker

Customers can use Repair Tracker for their B2C customers to check the repair status from their website via RepairDesk's Repair Tracker Widget. Learn more here.


Q - Is there an option to create a custom form so that I can get mail-in inquiries?

A - Yes, you can use our RepairDesk forms to digitize your mail-in workflow management. A custom form can easily be built using our RepairDesk forms widget.

Q - Can I add the steps of my choice in RepairDesk forms?

 A - Yes, you have the option to choose your own steps from the given steps. It’s not necessary to add all the steps in the form. Moreover, if you wish to add the details which can not be added in the current steps, you can add the details or write any instructions for your customers through Custom Form or Custom HTML.

Q - Can we create more than one form in RepairDesk Forms?

A - Yes you can create as many forms as you like. Each form can help you manage different workflows that your business might follow for mail-in repair jobs.

Q - With RepairDesk forms can customers upload attachments?

A - Yes, we do have the option where customers can upload attachments. We currently support the following formats (jpg, jpeg, png, and pdf)

Q - How can we notify our customers once they fill out the form?

A - You can send an automated email to your customers once they fill out the form.

Q - Can I print shipping labels from RepairDesk?

A - Yes, you can print shipping labels from the RepairDesk once an invoice is created.

Q - Can the customers see the details that they filled in at the B2B Customer portal?

A - Yes, they can see the details in the tickets tab of the customer portal.

Q - Can the customers view shipping in the customer portal?

A - Yes, they can view it in both invoices and tickets tabs.

Q - Can our mail-in customers pay through the customer portal?

A - Yes the customers can pay the invoice online from the customer portal through Paypal or RepairDesk Payments.  

Q - Can we create shipping labels from RepairDesk Forms?

A - Yes, you can create shipping labels from RepairDesk Forms to manage your inbound shipping. 

Q - Do you have more questions?

A - Did we miss anything? Please reach out to us at to keep the conversation going.

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