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How to Connect Google Business Profile to RepairDesk Connect?

Integrating your Google Business Profile with RepairDesk Connect allows you to efficiently manage reviews within the RepairDesk dashboard. 

Please note that Google Business Messages has been deprecated by Google. However, you can still manage your Google reviews seamlessly through Connect.
This guide will walk you through the steps of connecting your Google Business Profile to RepairDesk Connect, enabling you to effectively manage and reply to reviews right within Connect. 

Accessing Google Business Profile Connection
Navigate to RepairDesk Dashboard: Begin by navigating to the RepairDesk dashboard. Log in to your RepairDesk account using your credentials.
Open Connect and Go to Settings: Inside the RepairDesk dashboard, access the Connect module. Navigate to the settings section within Connect. This is where you can configure various integrations and settings.
Connecting Google Business Profile
Click on "Connect" for Google My Business Integration: In the settings section of Connect, locate the "Connect" option associated with Google My Business Integration. Click on this option to initiate the connection process.

2. Google Authentication: After clicking "Connect," you will be directed to the Google Authentication page. This step is necessary to grant RepairDesk Connect permission to access and manage conversations on your Google Business Profile.

3. Allow Access: On the Google Authentication page, click on the "Allow" button. This action authorizes RepairDesk to manage conversations on your Google profile.

4. Select Profiles and Locations: After allowing access, all the Google Business Profiles linked to your account will be displayed. Pick the desired profile for use in RepairDesk Connect by clicking on the checkbox next to it.

5. Map Locations: After selecting the profile, click "Next." On the next page, select the locations you want to map and then click "Next" again.

6. Link Locations to Stores: Link the mapped locations with the stores configured in your RepairDesk account. This ensures proper alignment between Google Business Profile locations and your repair business stores.

7. Save Settings: After mapping the locations, click "Save" to finalize the Google Business Profile connection.

With your Google Business Profile connected, you will now be able to view and respond to Google business reviews directly in the RepairDesk Connect reviews section.

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