How to Add Internal Notes (iOS App)?

Internal Notes are a great way to communicate privately to your technicians. RepairDesk's iOS App enables you to enter internal notes, visible only to you and your employees. Unlike Diagnostic Notes, which are visible to customers on their invoices, Internal Notes remain private comments just between you and your team. 

With RepairDesk's Internal Notes you can mention important details in a repair ticket so that the technician working on the work order benefits from these insights and details. You can also add notes about your customers; 'Hey Jack, Andrew is acting quite crazy. Please make sure his repair is completed TODAY!!' 

'That's pretty sweet... But how to add them?'

Adding Internal Notes is extremely easy. You can add them while creating a repair ticket or add them later to an existing repair ticket.

While creating  a Repair Ticket, you can add internal notes under Other Information section. 

Under the Internal Note heading, write your note

To add an internal note to an existing ticket:

1. Open a ticket, go to Device Information; under Notes tab you can view previously added internal notes.

2. Tap "+" to add a new internal note.  

3. Once you have tapped the "+" icon, a pop up menu will appear. From the pop-up menu, select Write an Internal Note.

4. Write the note. Once done, tap on Add to save internal note to the repair ticket. 

That's it! Now whenever a technician opens this repair ticket, they can view internal notes added to the particular repair ticket. 

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