How to Add Pre-Repair Device Condition (iOS App)?

It's quite useful to mention which device functionalities were working and which weren't when a customer brings a cell phone to you for a repair. In this way both you and customer will know the exact condition of a device before technician starts working on it.

RepairDesk's iOS App enables you to add pre-repair device conditions while creating a repair ticket. 

How to Add Pre-Repair Device Condition?

1. While creating a repair ticket via our iOS App, tap on Pre Repair Device Condition.

2. Select pre repair device conditions from the menu. The double toggle button allows you to indicate if a particular functionality is working or not. Sliding it left will turn it green. Green color symbolizes that a condition is working properly. Sliding it right will turn it red, denoting that this feature is not working and needs to be repaired. 

Once you have selected device conditions and their status, tap on SAVE to add pre repair device condition to the ticket. 

3. The device condition which you have selected will now appear under Pre Repair Device Condition under Other Information screen.

4. You can also upload photos of the device before repair by clicking on the "+" button under Pre Repair Device Photos.A pop up screen will open asking you to select photos from Library or Camera. Once selected, these pre repair device photos will be added to the ticket and repair technician working on the repair job can view them along with status of device functionalities before repairing the cell phone. 

Q. Can I add post-repair device conditions as well?
A. At this moment you cannot add post-repair device condition photos via RepairDesk's iOS App. You can only add pre-repair device condition photos. 

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