Create Inventory Transfer Using CSV Import

Inventory management for a multi-store business is an important part of retail success. One has to manage stock at all location carefully, which can be an overwhelming task.

But fret not! You can transfer inventory by using CSV Import functionality of RepairDesk to quickly create a large stock transfer if you need to move a lot of stock from a warehouse to a specific store location.

Wondering about how to do it? Let us show you how.

1. Create your CSV file:

Create a list of items and the number to be transferred. To make this easier, you can download low stock report in CSV format & get rid of all columns except (Item_ID, SKU, Item_Name, Required_Qty).
Now download inventory transfer example CSV template & map the data from low stock report accordingly. 


  • Do not change column headings in the template file. These need to be unchanged for the import to work in next step.
  • The items need to be available in stock in order to be transferred.
  • Item status should be Shipped, Pending or Delayed.

2. Import your CSV file:

  • Click on create transfer order.
  • Click on Import CSV
  • Click 'Choose file' and select your saved CSV file.
  • Choose the source and destination location.
  • Once you have saved the transfer, imported items will begin to appear on the next screen.  

Now enter important information related to transfer order such as shipped date, shipping charges, notes etc & hit save to initiate inventory transfer.  

To know more about how to transfer inventory from one location to another, click here!


Q. How can I transfer low stock items from one store location to another?
A. The easiest method is to download low stock report and copy the relevant columns in a .CSV file and later import that file to create a transfer order.

  • To download a low stock report go to inventory >> low stock report and click on CSV download button.
  • Once the file is downloaded, match its columns with a sample .CSV import file for Transfer Order.
  • Copy the data from low stock report for columns in the Transfer Inventory sample CSV file.
  • Finally import this file in order to create a transfer order.

This will create a transfer order for all items with low stock.  

Q. Why I'm getting the message "shipped quantity cannot be negative or 0?"
A. Because the item needs to be available in stock in order to be transferred and transferred quantity cannot be more than stock at hand.  

Q. Can I add any other status than shipped, pending or delayed while transferring stock via .CSV import?
A. You cannot do so. You can only enter the item status as shipped, pending or delayed while transferring stock via CSV import functionality.

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