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How to Setup Brother Label Printers with RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

Now we have made it easy for you to print batches of labels by using the most compact and versatile Brother Label Printers which are the go-to labeling solution for organizations from a range of sectors, including facilities management, electricians and beyond. Given below is the list of all supported models

1. Brother QA-1110NWB

2. Brother QL-500

3. Brother QL-1100

4. Brother QL-1050

5. Brother QL-810W

6. Brother QL-820NWB

7. Brother QL-800

Note: The most recommended model to use is QL-810W

With the support of all wireless models, you can now setup the printer with RepairDesk iPad POS Register app by following just a few simple steps described below.

Printer Settings

Before start using the printer with RepairDesk iPad POS Register app, please make sure you have installed the driver on PC, connected the printer with some network and your iPad and printer are both connected to the same network.

Please refer to FAQs section at the end of this article to get more guidance on driver installation.

Once connection is established successfully, please follow the steps below to setup the printer.

1.      Head to Settings --> Printers --> Brother Label Printers Settings

2.      By tapping on Brother Label Printer settings, you will get the following pop-up searching for all available printers.

3.      It will look for available printers and connect you to the printer automatically. You will get option to get a test print and change printer settings.

4.      By clicking on Settings, you will be redirected to brother label printer headings screen from where you need to set the dimensions for label, orientation, paper size, scaling mode, alignment and automatic cut functionality.

Note: Selected paper size must be same as the paper size you are using in printer.

5.      Tap on the settings that you want to adjust and you will be redirected to next screen which is specific to each settings such as in case of adjusting paper size, you will get the following screen from where you can select paper size that you want to use from list of available paper sizes.

6.      Once you are done with settings, hit Save button to continue using the printer.

7.      Now when you create a ticket from iPad POS Register app following the process described here, you will get the option to print label.

By hitting Print Label, it will ask you to select the Labels that you want to print. You can select Labels and Hit Print Label button to get the labels printed.

Similarly, when an invoice is created, you will get the option to print label.

You can also print label from View Ticket Screen by hitting Print Label button.


Q1. Does this printer works with Web and iMac?

A. Yes this printer works well with Web and iMac. All you need to do is to install the relevant drivers on web and iMac to start using this printer. To know how to install the driver, please follow the link here

To know how to setup this printer on Mac, please follow the link to reference video given below.

Please follow the step below to setup the printer on web.

Also our printing integrations i.e. Google Cloud Print and Print Node are also supported with this printer.

To know more about how Google Cloud Print works, please follow the link here.

Details of Print Node can be read here.

Q2. Does this printer supports automatic printing functionality?

A. Yes you can get automatic prints by turning on the trigger to print receipts automatically as shown below.

Please note that if automatic printing is enabled, it will automatically print all labels one by one without asking you to select any label.

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