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New Ticket Listing

New Ticket Listing Overview

We have made various changes in the new UI to make the app easier and faster to use while maintaining its beauty through simplicity 💎

Watch the following video to learn more about new changes in the New Ticket Listing.


Q. Can we freeze filter section?
A. Yes, you have the option to keep the filter section open for future use. Once you click on the filter button, it will stay open until you choose to close it. (Even if you log out of the system or comes back the filter section would remain open if you opened it).

Q. Can we hide the filters from the ticket listing?
A. Yes, now you can take control of your display options with our new hide filter feature option. Just click on the filter button to make the filter section visible or hidden.

Q. Can we hide the overview section?
A. Yes, you can hide or show the overview section by clicking on the overview button.

Q. How can I apply additional filters?
A. You can apply the additional filters by clicking on the advanced filters option which is available under the filters section.

Q. How to view the listing of saved filters?
A. You can view all the saved filters under the dropdown of the filter button. 

Q. Can we set the custom filters as default?
A. Yes, you can also save the custom filter as default. While creating a custom filter you just need to enable the default toggle to make it as default.

After making it default, just click on the save button to save the changes.

Q. How to customize columns on the table?
A. Customize your view by choosing which columns to show in the table by clicking on the setting icon. You can also sort columns by drag n drop.

Q. How to delete or change the status of tickets in bulk?
A. Effortlessly manage your tickets with our Bulk Status Change and Deletion feature, enabling you to delete or change the statuses of multiple tickets in just a few clicks swiftly. Select the tickets you want to delete or change the statuses and apply the desired criteria with just a few clicks.

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