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How can I add or update customer information from POS?

You can add or update customer information easily from POS screen.


A. Update an existing customer:
1. On the POS screen, in the customer section, click on the drop down menu where by default walk-in customer is showing. As you start to enter customer's name, it shall appear. Click on it. 

2. Once customer is selected it shall appear on the POS. Click on Edit to update customer information. 

3. A pop up screen will open where customer information will be displayed. Update customer information and click on Save button to save any changes. 

4. You can also enter more customer information such as address by clicking on Additional Details

 B. Add a Walk-In Customer

1. If you don’t want to record customer information in your database, you can quickly book a repair job as walk in customer and update customer information at a later stage (if required). 

C. New Customer:
1. In case you would like to enter details for a new customer, simply hit "plus sign" as shown in below screenshot where first or last name is a required field .

2. Enter Customer Information in the relevant fields and click on Save to store them. 

If you would like to enter customer landline or mobile number please start it without "0"

Example: 2 9191 2644 

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