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How can I start and end shift?

Start / End Shift feature allows you to record transactions in particular shifts of employees against sales registers. 

You can start a shift with open register and opening balance. After recording all the transactions during the shift, you need to settle up all the retail operations at the end of shift (or day).

A. Enable / Disable Cash Register Module.

If you don't want to use this feature you can disable it by following given steps:
Click on Settings   >> Cash Register >> Enable / Disable

The user can make it mandatory to start the shift before transaction. User can set minimum cash register balance which should be maintained while closing the shift. 

B. Cash Drawer Settings

First of all you need to set cash drawer in the settings section of Repair Desk based on your currency, value and positions of cash drawer. You can do so by heading out to Settings >> Cash Register >> Cash Drawer Settings

C. Cash Register Settings

You can setup cash registers 
in the settings section of Repair Desk for employees shifts by going to Settings >> Cash Register

Please open following article for complete details:-
How to Use The Cash Register Module in RepairDesk?

Once admin creates registers, they can be used for shifts (one register at one time).

D. Start Shift

1. After you land on the POS, you will be shown the following screen from where you can start the shift against a register.

2. Once you select the register, a new popup opens where accumulative payment types are displayed at start of shift as the opening balance must be verified. You can verify "Cash" total after counting currency of cash drawer as well as you can verify accumulative payment type to start the current shift. Once you verify, you can click on "Save" to start the shift.

Note: You can set any payment method as "Accumulative" payment type from Payment Settings

User can add notes if they want .

3. Once shift is started, all the transaction 
payments, refunds, trade in, manual in/out are calculated under the shift automatically. 
What is Manual In/Out?

E. End Shift

Once shift is completed, You can follow the given steps to end the shift:-

1. Click on the Profile Tab on the header region and select End Shift option to begin a shift.   

2. A new popup appears with details like Employee name, Start Shift Time, Close Shift time and Net Payment collection with opening balance of the shift.

3. All payment types are displayed for balance reconciliation but only accumulative payment types have the 'payout' option on close shift popup.

4. In case of cash, You can count currency of cash drawer to verify the cash balance of register. Once you verify the cash payment along with accumulative payment types, overall net position (over/short) is displayed. 

5. If you take out the cash from "Cash Drawer" at the time of end shift, You can enter value in cash "Payout". It automatically calculates "Closing Balance" according to the values. Similarly, you can payout accumulative payment types. 

6. You can click on "Save" to end the shift. Closing balances are considered as "Opening Balances" of the register for the next shift.

7. You can view transaction log report and download reconciliation PDF report at the time of shift end.  Reconciliation PDF report gives complete insight of a shift.

A user can add notes while ending shift.

8. Option to view details for each payment method. the user can click amount and user can view detail.

F. Transaction log report:

1. You can click on Profile Tab to access Transaction Log report any time.

It includes non shifts transaction records as well as all the transactions record during the shift. It has power to make multiple selections to register & type filters and give you total control over the data set, so for instance you can just select payments and refunds to get an accurate report of the net value of sales. You can also filter transaction with store and customer in any given time.

It also provides combined total value and you can print or download CSV / PDF report of any specific transactions record. 

Added notes will be shown here in transaction log report for start and end shift.
Note: These Notes are displayed on reconciliation report, print reconciliation report and transaction log report.


Q. Multiple employees are unable to start shift with a single register. What's the solution?
A. The real purpose of start/ end shift functionality is that every employee is responsible for his/her own cash register (drawer) once the shift has ended. If you use a single drawer for all employees, the best solution, which we will advice, is that you should have different cash drawer for each shift.

However, if you still want to record transactions under one shift register (drawer), switch user functionality is the best workaround which allows you to track a transaction record of each employee, under a specific shift. Or you can update the register shift functionality and assign the registers to specific employees. For more information, please read this article.

If the shift has started and you switch user to make a transaction on the same system, it certainly records a transaction in the same shift and you can track it from Transaction log report.

Alternate method: 
If you are using one system, starts a shift with one employee and then if you want to record a transaction with another employee in the same register (cash drawer) the other workaround along with "Switch User" is to use "Confirm Access PIN" functionality for each transaction.

You can go to Store Settings >> POS and enable the trigger: "Employee should enter access pin before each sale transaction". Once you enable it, system asks to enter access PIN before a transaction. You can select a different employee from the dropdown and enter access PIN to confirm the transaction. Once you do that, transaction will be recorded with a different employee in the same shift register. You can track it via Transaction log report.

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