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How to make it compulsory to add network,device location and passcode while making repair ticket?

  While creating a repair ticket from POS or directly from Manage Tickets screen, you are asked to enter a device  network, device location and passcode/unlock pattern for the device. Employees may skip this step usually, however, it's always a good idea to record a device's details before you start the repair job on it.

Therefore, RepairDesk has introduced a trigger, which when enabled, makes it compulsory for an employee to enter device network, device location and passcode/unlock pattern while creating a repair ticket, either form POS or Manage Tickets screen.

To set this trigger just follow these steps:

1. Log in to RepairDesk.
2. Head to Store Settings.
3. Click on Module Configuration.
4. From the list, select Repairs.
5. On Repairs Configuration & Settings page (as shown in screenshot), there are three different triggers
 Enabling  the trigger will make it compulsory for the user to perform certain action: 

1. 'Admin/Employee must enter Device Physical Location before booking a repair job'
2.'Admin/Employee must enter Device Network before booking a repair job'
3.'Admin/Employee must enter Passcode/Pattern Lock before booking a repair job'

5. Once done, click on Save button to implement these changes.

While creating ticket from POS user will be restricted to select the option based on trrigers.

While creating a ticket from mange tickets section:
when Add row is clicked  and options set  from the trigger are not selected system show popup

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