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How to make it mandatory to take customer information?

It is vital for any business to keep a track of its customers and record customer data effectively. A transaction carried out without taking information about a customer is practically useless.

Sometimes technicians may forget to enter customer information and a chance is lost to record customer information for future reference. 

Customer information when properly stored can help you in future transaction with the particular customer and help you in building a long term relationship. 

To address this need, RepairDesk has rolled out a new feature which allows you to make it mandatory to take customer information before booking a repair job. Enabling this trigger will allow a repair job to be booked only when technicians have entered customer date into the system. 

How to set this up?
Setting up this functionality is pretty easy:
1. Just go to Settings.
2. Head to Module Configuration.
3. Click on Repairs tab.
4. Enable the trigger: "Admin/Employee must add customer information before booking a repair job."

5. Finally, click on Save button to implement changes. 

When this trigger is enabled and you haven't selected a customer, a pop up error message will appear on the screen asking you to enter customer details. If its a new customer, add details for a new customer. 

Once a customer is selected or a new one is added, you may proceed to book a repair job. 

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