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How To Make It Mandatory to enter IMEI/ Serial Number on POS & Tickets?

While creating a repair ticket from POS or directly from Manage Tickets screen, you are asked to enter device IMEI or Serial Number. Employees may skip this step usually, however, it's always a good idea to record a device's IMEI or Serial Number before you start the repair job on it. 

Therefore, RepairDesk has introduced a trigger, which when enabled, makes it compulsory for an employee to enter device IMEI or Serial Number while creating a repair ticket, either form POS or Manage Tickets screen. 

To set this trigger just follow these steps: 

1. Log in to RepairDesk.
2. Head to Store Settings
3. Click on Module Configuration.
4. From the list, select Repairs
5. On Repairs Configuration & Settings page (as shown in screenshot), enable the trigger: "Admin/Employee must add device IMEI/Serial information before booking a repair job."
5. Once done, click on Save button to implement these changes.

Now whenever an employee is creating a repair ticket, they would be unable to proceed until they enter the IMEI or Serial Number of customer's device. 

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