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Suggestive Sale Alert


Upselling is a sales technique where a seller induces the customer to purchase additional items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. 

With RepairDesk's new feature, suggestive sale alert, businesses can now leverage this technique directly within their Point of Sale (POS) system. This feature aims to enhance customer experience by offering personalized recommendations that are relevant to their purchase, thereby increasing both sales and customer satisfaction.

Purpose of Suggestive Sale Alert

The implementation of the suggestive sale alert feature serves a main objective i.e, to recommend products that customers often buy together, enhancing the value of their purchase.

Feature Details

  1. Configuration
To set up the Suggestive Sale Alert, head to the store settings and turn on the feature.

2. Popup Display

When a customer proceeds to checkout, a suggestive sale alert popup will automatically appear. This popup is designed to draw attention to additional items that complement the primary product being purchased. It acts as a last-minute suggestion box, potentially increasing the average transaction value.

3. Check for Adding Item as an suggestive sale alert

Within the inventory management section, users can now mark specific items for inclusion in the suggestive sale alert popup. This is done through a simple checkbox associated with each inventory item.
The system will then display these marked items in the suggestive sale alert popup when relevant, based on the compatibility with the models selected from the inventory.

  1. Bulk Action
To further streamline the process of managing suggestive sale alert items, a bulk action feature has been introduced. Users can select multiple items at once and use the action dropdown to set them as upsell suggestions, improving efficiency.
  1. Filter For Suggestive Sale Alert Items
A dedicated filter has been implemented to help users quickly find and manage items designated as suggestive sale alert. This filter simplifies the search process within the inventory system.

6. Priority to Display Items on Upsell Popup

The system prioritizes the display of suggestive sale alert items in the popup based on supported or associated models of the primary product being sold.

Item Wise Sales Report

To access a comprehensive report detailing items sold through suggestive sales, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Reports" section within the Repairdesk POS interface.

  2. Select the "Item-wise Sales Report" option from the available reports.

  3. Within the filters section of the report, locate the criteria selection dropdown.

  4. Choose "Suggestive Sales Items" as the criteria from the dropdown menu.

  5. Once selected, the report will generate a detailed overview of all upsell items sold, providing valuable insights into suggestive sales performance.


The suggestive sale alert feature is a powerful addition to the RepairDesk POS system, providing businesses with a tool to effortlessly recommend additional purchases to customers. By utilizing this feature, stores can not only improve the shopping experience but also increase their sales through strategic product suggestions. It is a win-win for both the customer, who receives personalized recommendations, and the business, which enjoys increased revenue potential.

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