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Custom Fields

With custom fields you can create a text field for device type, color, special order notes, priority, or anything else that's important to your workflow for a more personalized system that also gives your technicians clarity on repair jobs across the board and these fields are specific to each repair category. We hope you β€οΈ it!

There are three type of custom fields you can create in RepairDesk:

  • Textfield
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox

If you run a computer repair, watch repair, jewelry repair , musical instrument repair, bicycle or any type of electronics repair store please watch out the video below to learn how you can use custom fields to capture additional info against each repair ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there any limit up to which I can add custom fields?
A. You can add as many fields you like

Q. Can I delete custom fields created against any category?
A. At present you can only disable a custom field

Q. How does custom field work with multiple store locations?
Custom fields are business wise. At present if you create or disable a custom field against any store its setting will be copied against all stores.

Q. Can I print custom fields on thermal or service receipt?
At present, you cannot print information captured through custom fields on a thermal or service receipt.

Q. Can I create custom fields against a customer profile or self check-in form?
A. At present, it is not possible to add custom fields against a customer profile or customer self-checkin form.

Q. Can I use custom fields on the iPAD POS app?
A. Yes certainly

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