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How to Setup Self Check-In?

To provide a seamless self-check-in experience for your customers, follow the steps below to set up the self check-in module in RepairDesk.

Setup Self-Check-In Configuration

  1. Go to the "Self-Check-In" configuration screen, located next to the module configuration tab.

2. Enable the module to intake customer information from the customer-facing display.
3. Select the background color and text color to use on the self-check-in form.
4. Enable the check boxes to display the logo, date, and time on the self-check-in form.

5. Customize the fields to display on the self-check-in form using the check boxes against each field. By default, the First Name and Last Name fields will be enabled and marked as required fields.

    • The "Required fields for trade-in" column shows fields that will be required while capturing seller details in case of trade-in.
    • The "Position" column will show the position of each field.

6. After configuring these settings, click the "Save Changes" button to save the configuration settings.

Note: Upon clicking the "Save Changes" button, a pop-up will ask if you want to replicate the settings on any other store. Select the store where you want to replicate the settings and click "Save Changes" to continue.

View Self-Check-In Form on Customer Facing Display

You can view the self-check-in form in the following cases:
  1. While creating a ticket from the POS.

2. While editing a ticket.
3. While adding seller details from a trade-in purchase.

To access the self-check-in form, click on "Self-Check-In." A pop-up will appear with the self-check-in form displayed on the customer-facing screen.
While on customer facing display, self-check-in form will be displayed.

Customer is required to fill in the required fields and hit Next. As he enters his details on this form, data will be automatically populated on left hand side of this screen on run time.

By hitting next, he will be directed to following screen asking him if he wants to become GDPR compliant customer.

On check marking this box, it will display terms and conditions to become GDPR compliant and customer is required to accept those terms and conditions and hit Submit.

Note: Please note that if you want to change country or region to mark it as GDPR Compliance, you need to reset CFD terminal. Close all tabs --> Change Settings --> Save Settings --> Reset CFD terminal --> Re-open all tabs again.

On completing the customer information and submitting the self-check-in form, you will be able to see customer details on relevant screen from which the self-check-in functionality was used. 

Contact Support

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at . We are dedicated to helping you make the most of RepairDesk for your repair business.

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