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How to create an invoice, take payment and add payment methods?

If you desire to create an invoice for repair jobs, unlocks, sale of casual or accessory items, you can easily do so with RepairDesk. You can also select from multiple payment methods. 


A. Payment Method

1. Go to Settings >> Payment Methods

2. Click on Action button to edit or delete a payment method. 
3. Click on New to add a new payment method. 
4. Enter the name of the new payment method, select its type and select whether the payment method would be accumulative or not. Finally click on Save.  

B. Take Payment and Create Invoice. 

1. Hit the Checkout button after selecting items. 
2. Select Payment Method and amount. To learn about split payment, click here.

2. Click on Confirm to generate an invoice. 

3. Click on Print Invoice to print a Tax Invoice and click on Print Service Receipt to print a Check-In Receipt. 

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