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How to add new manufacturer?

On the Point of Sale (POS) screen you can easily add a new Manufacturer or Device under Repairs tab. 


Add Manufacturer

1. On the POS screen, click on Add Manufacturers. A pop up screen will open where you can enter name of the manufacturer.
2. Click on Save to add it to the list of manufacturers. 

3. Click on View Manufacturers to view the list of all manufacturers in RepairDesk. Click on Action button to Edit or Delete a Manufacturer. 


Q. How can I show images of the manufacturer on pos and Widgets?
A. Yes, images are shown on pos and widgets based on the triggers.
if you want to display images on pos you need to enable trigger from module configuration  POS.

And if you want to display a manufactured image on the appointment widget then enable the trigger from appointment Calander settings.

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