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How Can I Add Items to POS Basket?

RepairDesk POS gives you multiple ways to add items in the order list

Add order items by searching Name/Item Number/ SKU or via Bar-code scanner You can simply scan a bar-code via bar-code scanner and add item to an order list or you can also search item entering product name, ID, or SKU code and select product to add in the list.

Add order items by Categories There is user friendly graphical interface where you can select item by following categories:-

A. Repairs
If you need to select any repair category item in the list you can follow the following easy steps:-

Manufacturer: You select the manufacturer brand
Devices: You select the device of relevant manufacturer
Problems: You select multiple problems of relevant deviceParts: You can select and associate parts with repair problems that need to be used. If you have already created bundle of parts with repair problem in inventory section. Relevant parts will already checked in the list. You can also select part and create bundle for the future from the same screen.
Details: You enter required details, check Pre-conditions of the device. You can also enter customer, staff comments and take customer signatures from the same screen and click on “Confirm” to add it in the order list.

B. Unlocking
If you need to select any unlocking category item, you can select Network, Device, IMEI, Comments (Optional) and click on "Book Now" to add unlocking item in the order list.

C. Products
If you need to add any accessories item in the list, You can either filter the product with respect to particular Manufacturer and Device or you can simply click on "All Product" and select items to add it into the order list.

D. Trade In
If you need to add any trade in category item in the list, you can simply click on the item to add it into the list

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