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Switch User Profile (PIN Login)

During repairs, employees often need to access their profiles quickly. Instead of logging off and logging in with a different profile, RepairDesk offers a convenient solution: switching user profiles using a 4-digit Access PIN. This eliminates the need for usernames and passwords, allowing employees to switch to their profiles within seconds.
Here are the steps to switch user profiles:
  1. Click on "Switch User" under "Profile Settings."

2. Select the employee's name from the drop-down menu and enter the Access PIN.

3. Finally, click on "Confirm" to log in.


Q. How can I change an employee's Access PIN?
To change an employee's Access PIN, go to "Settings" > "Manage Employees." Click on the "Action" button next to the employee you want to edit, then select "Edit." Under the "Roles & Access" section, update the Access PIN.

Q. Can employees change their access pin themselves? 
A. Yes. An employee can update their Access PIN. To update PIN they should head to Settings >> Your Profile >> Update Profile and under the Basic Settings, they can update PIN in the Access PIN field. 

Q. Can I enable Access Pin for employees when they are making a transaction?
A. Sure you can! Just head to Settings >> Module Configuration >> POS and enable the trigger for "Employee should enter access pin before making transaction" and hit Save button. Now whenever an employee is about to make a transaction, RepairDesk will ask the employee to enter his/ her access pin. 

Q. Do I need to start a different shift when I switch user profile to process a transaction?
A. You don't need to start different shifts. If you start a shift with one user and you want to make a transaction under same shift but with different user account, you can switch the specific user. 
Once you make a transaction it will be considered under same shift but with different user (please see attached).

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