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Switch User Profile (PIN Login)

During repairs employees need to quickly access their profile. So instead of logging off and logging in to a different profile, RepairDesk allows you to quickly switch user profiles with a 4-digit Access PIN. It requires no username or password and employee can switch to his or her profile within seconds. 


1. Click on Switch User under Profile Settings

2. Select the Employee Name (user) from the drop-down menu and enter Access PIN

3. Finally, click on Confirm to log in. 


Q. How can I change an employee's Access PIN?
You can do so by going to Settings >> Manage Employees. Click on the Action button against the employee whose Access PIN you want to change and select Edit. Under Roles & Access section, update the Access PIN.

Q. Can employees change their access pin themselves? 
A. Yes. An employee can update their Access PIN. To update PIN they should head to Settings >> Your Profile >> Update Profile and under the Basic Settings, they can update PIN in the Access PIN field. 

Q. Can I enable Access Pin for employees when they are making a transaction?
A. Sure you can! Just head to Settings >> Module Configuration >> POS and enable the trigger for "Employee should enter access pin before making transaction" and hit Save button. Now whenever an employee is about to make a transaction, RepairDesk will ask the employee to enter his/ her access pin. 

Q. Do I need to start a different shift when I switch user profile to process a transaction?
A. You don't need to start different shifts. If you start a shift with one user and you want to make a transaction under same shift but with different user account, you can switch the specific user. 
Once you make a transaction it will be considered under same shift but with different user (please see attached).

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