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⚡ How to create a Special Parts Order for a Non-catalogued Part?

In RepairDesk, a Special Part is any item that your business rarely engages with. This could be any item, whether you stock it or not, but you need to serve the customer whenever they come in. With RepairDesk's Special Part feature you can easily create repair tickets that need re-stocking (or temporary using) the Special Parts.

Here's a detailed article explaining what is a Special Parts Order. Also, you can learn more from this video.

So, if your repair service needs re-ordering a part, then you can achieve that in the following ways:

  1. Creating a Special Part Order of a Non-catalogued Part
  2. Creating a Special Part Order of an Out-of-Stock Part

Let's create a special parts order for a non-catalogued part.

  1. While creating a ticket, you find that you need to order a Special Part, click Add Part.

  2. Click Special Part Order.

  3. Enter the part order details as needed.


In case, you have the part on hand with you, enter the Receive Date; otherwise, you need to leave it empty.

In case, you need to order the part via Purchase Order (PO), then you can simply set the purchase order to Yes (as shown in the figure above). Alternatively, you may add the source (website address) of purchase to keep the record.

I will add not add received date and click on save and proceed with ticket creation.

  1. The ticket created will be waiting for parts as we do not have that specific part on hand. Based on the current ticket status, an email will be sent to the customer that your repair will be resumed once the special part arrives.

    if you forget to create the PO for the special part order then you can create it through the edit ticket screen.

  2. Once the part is received, open the ticket in edit mode. From there you can simply click on the part name and change the status to Received. The customer will be notified via email that the part has arrived and the repair will be resumed. 

    Alternatively, you can also go to the Special Order Listing page, and change the status to Received

    Listing For special orders

    You can access the list for special orders where you can view all the special orders created with their ticket and purchase order references.

    In case there is a Purchase Order (PO) associated with the Special Order, then it will have the In Purchase Order status. This means that the Special Part is in the PO and you need to create GRN for receiving it.

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