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Can I add new inventory items from POS?

Yes, you can add new inventory items directly from POS. When you click on “Add New” for each section on POS, a new pop up appears where user you add item of any category.


A. Add a Repair product

1. On POS, under the Repairs tab, select or add manufacturer, device and problem.
2. Click on Add Part. A pop up screen will open. Enter details and Save item. 

B. Add an Unlocking item
1. To add an unlocking product, go to the Miscelleneous, click on Add Product button under the Unlocking tab.
2. A pop up screen will open, enter details and hit Save

C. Add an Accessory
1. Under the Accessories tab on POS, click on Add Product button.
2. A pop up screen will open, enter details and hit Save.

D. Add a Trade-In Device
1. Go to the Trade In tab on POS and click on Add Product Button.
2. You will be taken to Add Trade In Details page. Enter seller's details along with product details. 
3. Click on Create button to add Trade In device to inventory. 


Q. How to restrict users to add inventory items on POS, Invoices, and Tickets?

A. You can restrict users to stop adding inventory items by disabling the permission Add inventory items under the manage roles and permission from settings.

Settings > Employees > Manage roles permission > Inventory

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