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How can I save an android phone pattern lock?

Absolutely! RepairDesk provides with the option to save android phone pattern lock while creating a ticket.

Previously you could only enter alpha-numeric passwords for customer devices. This was quite a pain in those cases in which customer brought android cell phones with pattern locks. Pattern locks are also very difficult to communicate to technicians, unless they have a visual representation of the pattern. While doing repairs technicians would need to access the cell phone and it would be impossible to do so if they don't know the pattern lock of the device they are repairing.

For this purpose, RepairDesk has introduced a new feature which allows you to save pattern locks for android phones brought to you by customers. This feature allows you to save pattern locks while generating a repair ticket for customers, which can be viewed later by technicians working on the device.

How to save pattern lock?

To save a device pattern lock:
1. Proceed to create a ticket on POS screen.
2. On the details page, click on Pattern Lock.  

3. On the pop-up screen, draw the pattern lock and click on Save (button). Now the device pattern lock will be saved in the repair ticket, just like the device password. . 

4.Once the pattern lock is saved, you can view or even edit it later by clicking on Pattern Lock

5. If you wish to make any changes, re-draw the pattern and hit Save (button)


Q. How can I view/ edit device pattern lock in a ticket?
A. To view or edit a pattern in a ticket:
1. Open a Ticket.
2. Under Device Details, click on Action button.
3. Select Pre/ Post Conditions & Comments.

4. From the pop-up screen, click on View Pattern Lock to see device pattern lock.

6. If you desire to update the pattern lock, simply re-draw the pattern and hit Save (button).  

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