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What is Cash In/Out?

Cash In/Out feature allows you to record and track your random incoming and outgoing payments. E.g. if you fill up your cash drawer (till), you can enter value in "Cash In" and if you pay any amount (expense). You can record it in "Cash Out". 

Cash In/Out feature is really helpful while recording business transactions in particular shifts of employees against sales registers.   

If you want to record "Cash In/Out" payment, please follow the given steps:
1.Click on Profile Tab in the header area of Repair Desk and then select "Cash In/Out".

2. A new popup appears where you can record "Cash In/out". You need to give payment type and reason to record the transaction. 

In reference document field, you can now upload any reference document such as a bill to save as proof for cash on/out transactions.

3. You can click on "View History" to view "history" of all the transactions. You can also use search filter for specific results.

This report will also show the link to download source document against a transaction.

Note: Please note that when the shift is started or during shift, you can update the record by hitting Update button in Actions column but once a shift is ended, update button will be disabled and you will not be able to update any record.

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