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What is Cash In/Out?

The Cash In/Out feature allows you to easily record and track your incoming and outgoing payments. For example, if you fill up your cash drawer, you can enter the value in "Cash In". And if you make any payments or expenses, you can record them in "Cash Out".
This feature is particularly useful for recording business transactions during specific shifts of employees against sales registers.
Here are the steps to record a "Cash In/Out" payment:
  1. Click on the Profile Tab in the header area of Repair Desk and select "Cash In/Out".

2. A new popup will appear where you can record the "Cash In/Out" transaction. You need to provide the payment type and reason for the transaction.

You can also upload a reference document, such as a bill, to serve as proof for the cash in/out transactions.

3. You can click on "View History" to see the history of all the transactions. You can also use the search filter for specific results.

Cash In/ Cash Out Report

The Cash In/Cash Out Report in Repairdesk allows users to track and analyze the amounts involved in cash inflow and outflow transactions based on payment type. This report provides valuable insights into the financial activities of your business.

1. Search Filters

    • Register: Users can select the register for which they want to generate the report.
    • Type: Users can filter the report by selecting either Cash In or Cash Out transactions.
    • From Date: Users can specify the starting date from which they want to retrieve data.
    • To Date: Users can filter the report till a specific date by selecting the end date.
    • Print: Users can conveniently print the Cash In/Cash Out History Report by clicking the print button.

2. Report Columns

    • Date: This column displays the date of the manual cash inflow/outflow transaction.
    • ID: The unique identification number associated with the manual cash inflow/outflow transaction.
    • Register: The register against which the cash inflow/outflow transaction is made.
    • Type: This column indicates whether it is a cash inflow or cash outflow transaction.
    • Amount: For cash outflow transactions, the amount is displayed with a (-) negative sign, while for cash inflow transactions, the amount is displayed with a (+) positive sign.
    • Payment Type: Displays the payment type, such as Cash, used for the transaction.
    • Payment Method: This column shows the payment method through which the payment is made.
    • Reason: Displays the reason for the manual cash inflow/outflow transaction.
    • Reference Document: Users have the option to view and download any reference document attached to the transaction.
    • Action: The update button in this column allows users to update the transaction details during a shift.

3. Restrict Employees

within the Roles and Permissions section of RepairDesk, we've introduced a Cash In & Out Permission feature. This empowers you to take charge and customize your employees' access to cash transactions.
With this new permission feature, you have the flexibility to enable or disable access to the Cash In and Out functions. This means you can now tailor the access of your team members according to their roles, ensuring a secure and streamlined operation.

Key Takeaway

Ensure that you have selected the appropriate filters for generating the desired Cash In/Cash Out History Report. This report will help you monitor and track your cash transactions effectively, providing valuable insights into your business's financial activities.

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