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Advanced Search Option in RepairDesk POS


RepairDesk POS offers an advanced search feature to efficiently navigate through inventory and find specific items, parts, or trade-ins. By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, users can trigger this functionality, enhancing the user experience and streamlining operations. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the advanced search option on RepairDesk POS screen.

Triggering Advanced Search

Use the following shortcut keys to initiate advanced search on POS Screen:-

  • Windows: Press Ctrl + S
  • Mac: Press Cmd + S

Upon triggering the advanced search, a high-level search popup will appear, offering various functionalities to optimize search processes.

Components of Advanced Search

  • Left Panel:

    The left panel displays saved searches and item categories/subcategories in a link tree format. It provides a quick overview of available categories along with the quantity of items within each category, aiding in efficient navigation.

  • Top Area:

    The top area presents search criteria including:

    • Item Name
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Supplier
    • Item Identifier (SKU, UPC, IMEI, Serial)

  • Top Right Area:

    This section features:

    • Dropdown Selection: Users can choose between products, parts, or trade-ins to narrow down their search.
    • Show/Hide Criteria: Users have the option to display or hide specific search criteria based on their preferences and requirements.

  • Results:

    The middle area showcases search results, with each item displayed along with relevant details. Users can easily add items to the cart directly from the search results, streamlining the purchasing process.

Utilizing Advanced Search

Advanced search empowers users to:

  • Efficiently Navigate Inventory: Users can quickly locate items by utilizing various search criteria such as item name, brand, model, supplier, or item identifier.

  • Customize Search Preferences: The ability to show/hide search criteria allows users to tailor the search interface to suit their individual needs, enhancing user experience and productivity.

  • Optimize Inventory Management: By leveraging advanced search functionalities, businesses can effectively manage inventory, track stock levels, and streamline operations.

Saving and Resetting Search Filters

At the end of the search process, users have the option to:

  • Save Search Filters: Users can save frequently used search filters for future use, enabling quick access to preferred search configurations.

  • Reset Search Filters: Users can reset search filters to their default settings, clearing any applied criteria and starting afresh with a clean search interface.

Key Takeaway

The advanced search option on Repairdesk POS offers a powerful tool for efficiently navigating inventory and finding specific items, parts, or trade-ins. With intuitive features such as customizable search criteria, streamlined search processes, and the ability to save search filters, users can optimize inventory management and enhance productivity within their repair businesses. By leveraging the advanced search functionality, Repairdesk POS users can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately drive business success.

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