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How to Sell a Product?

It is most likely that if you are in the business of cell phone or computer repairs that you sell accessories as well. Customers who come for a repair service may also purchase relevant gadgets and gizmos from you. 

You might be wondering: "Wouldn't it be nice if I could sell accessories and track their sales?"

RepairDesk allows you to exactly do that, enabling you not only to sell repair services but also products and parts as well.

So, How Do I Sell A Product?

It's pretty simple. On the POS Screen, click on Products tab. The default view would be that of accessories arranged By Category

Accessories are sorted in two ways:

1. You can either view items relevant to a particular Category i.e. Airpods.
2. Or you can view All Products where you would also be able to search a particular item via search bar. 

When you click on a particular category, you will be able to see relevant manufacturers. 

Clicking on the Manufacturer will show you all accessories by this manufacturer and relevant to the accessory category which you selected.


You can alternatively find a product by going to All Products tab from where you can find and select an item by scrolling or via search bar. 

To sell an accessory, simply click on the product. The item will be added to POS Basket. You can also select multiple items at a time. 

Once item is added, click on Checkout to proceed with Sale. you will be taken to Payment screen.

Select payment methods and enter amounts. 

Finally, click on Confirm to complete sale. 

Once sale is completed, you can perform operations such as print invoice or view invoice in detail. 


Q. How to give discount on an accessory item? 

AWhen you have added an item to the basket after confirming order details, click on Discount.
Once you have clicked on Discount, a pop up screen will open. Here you can enter discount, either in amount or percentage
Once you have entered discount value, click on Save (button) to apply it. 
You can also apply inline discount on a particular item as well as an overall discount on all items. To know more about how to give discounts in RepairDesk please refer to this article

Q. How can I add an accessory on POS?
A.  You can do so by: 
1. Under the Accessories tab on POS, click on Add Product button.
2. A pop up screen will open where you would be asked to enter item details
3. Finally, hit

Q. How can I process warranty for an accessory item?
A. To know about how to process warranty for accessories and parts, refer to this article

Q. Can I serialized accessories?
A. Sure you can! To know how to serialize inventory items, please refer to this article.  

Q. How can I up-sell an accessory with a repair job?
A. RepairDesk enables you to sell accessories to a customer along with repair services. When you scan a ticket label, the repair job will be added to POS basket. Along with that, if you want to sell accessories relevant to the repair job, simply add an accessory item via Accessories tab on POS and head to checkout. 
For example, if a customer comes to you for an iPhone 7 screen replacement, you can also offer him iPhone 7 screen protector along with completing this repair job. This will allow you to up-sell products and increase your revenue stream. 
Q. How can I track uncategorized accessory item while seeling from POS Accessory categories?
A. if there are some items which have a category attached but no manufacturer or device then these items will be shown as uncategorized item on POS user can just select them and add them in cart there is no option to edit that item from POS.

Same will be incase of manufacturer , if device is not attached with any item then thoses items will fall under non categorised products under manufacturer.

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