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How to Use the Cash Register Module in RepairDesk?

RepairDesk has upgraded its Cash Register module with updated designs and a better user experience! It will allow you to handle the cash registers more efficiently so that you can keep track of all the transactions. You will also be allowed to keep track of your registers in a much better way with the help of Z-Report.

Setting up Cash Registers

1. Click on Module Configuration >> Cash Registers and Enable the module (if it is not enabled).


2. To create a new register, simply click on the Cash Register button in green (refer to the image above). A pop up will be shown to you where you can enter the register name and save the register.

3. On the POS screen, you will be shown the following pop up where you will be asked to select the register (on which you wish to start the shift).

4. Simply click on the Start Shift button against the register and your transactions will be logged in that register.

5. If you are using the shift and then login again from another browser or system, you will be shown the following pop up.

Note: If you click on the Make Transactions Without Shift button, your transactions will be logged as opened from this browser. If you click on the Continue Using Shift button, your transactions will be logged in the same register and you will be allowed to end the shift from this browser as well.

6. If you want your employees to use the same register, simply click on the Switch User button and they will be allowed to make transactions in the same register.

How to Set Up a Cash Drawer / Till?

1. Click on the Cash Drawer in the Cash Register settings. Cash Drawer settings are based on currency, value and positions in the cash drawer to keep all the currency.

2. There are default cash drawer settings in $ currency. You can edit it based on your own currency, value and position of cash drawer. You can also add new lines to set it.

Setting up Configurations and Notifications

1. Click on the Configurations tab where you will view the settings for the cash register. With the help of configuration settings, you can make the start and end shift option as mandatory. This means that the user will not be allowed to make a transaction given the start shift trigger is enabled.

2. Similarly, the user will not be allowed to logout the system if the end shift trigger is enabled. They will have to end the running shift first.

3. An option of automatically closing the shift register has also been introduced in the register shift module. This will ask you for a time at which you want to automatically end your shift(s) for the day. An SMS / Email reminder will also be sent to the selected employee from the Notification settings if the last trigger is enabled.

Please note that the shift will automatically be closed if the relevant trigger is enabled (whether the employee is using the system or not).

Updated Register Shift Functionality

1. Click on the Edit or Create button and you will be asked to update the register shift functionality where the employee selection will be mandatory.

Note: Once you save the settings with the updated functionality, you won’t be allowed to shift back which means that the employee selection option will be mandatory when creating a register.

2. After saving the register, the names of the employees will be shown against the registers.

Note: In order to update or create a cash register, please make sure to close all your running shifts first.

3. An employee started a shift on Register 1. In the following pop up, that employee will only be shown the registers against which they are given access.

4. Another employee who has access to Register 1 logs in. In this case, they will be shown the option to join the already running shift.

Now both the employees will be able to make transactions in Register 1.

Please note that the user who joins the shift will not be allowed to end the shift. They will be given the option to leave the existing shift. Also, they will have to join the shift again if the user or store is switched.



Q. Can I start a new shift after joining a shift?

A. Yes! After joining the shift, click on the Start Shift button and you will be shown the following pop up stating that your joined shift will be left once you start a new shift.

Q. Can I use the Cash In / Out module without the register shift functionality?

A. Absolutely! You can now use the cash in / out module without using the cash register. Simply click on the Cash In / Out button and enter the amount you want to take out or put in the system.

Q. Can I enter expenses without starting the register shift?

A. Certainly! You can enter the expense without using the shift functionality. You can also enter the expense in the back date which will be shown on the Expense Report as well.

Q. Where can I keep track of all the cash register activities?

A. You can go to the Transaction Log report or the newly introduced Z-report which will show you all the reconciliation reports and all your existing or previous shifts.

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