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RepairDesk has introduced Z-report which will allow you to keep track of all your existing and previous shifts. You will also be allowed to keep track of all the reconciliation reports where you can print or download this report.

Follow the steps below to know about Z-Report.

1. In order to view the Z-report, your cash register module must be enabled. After it is enabled, simply go to the Dashboard and under Sales reports, click on the Z-report.

2. After clicking on the Z-Report, the user will be taken to the following screen where they will be shown the registers and their details.

3. You can select the store and from the Criteria, you can select the registers based on employees and register names as well.

4. To view the complete details of the register, simply click on the hyperlink.

The same data that is shown on the reconciliation report will be displayed here as well.

Please note that you can download the excel and pdf of the reconciliation report from the buttons given at the top right.

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