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Transaction Log Report


The Transaction Log Report is a powerful feature in RepairDesk that allows you to track and analyze all activities related to payments, refunds, manual entries, and more. By generating this report, you can gain valuable insights into your business transactions based on specified filters.

1. Report Search Filters

The Transaction Log Report provides various search filters to narrow down the data according to your needs. These filters include:

  • Store: You can search the report data by selecting a specific store.
  • Criteria: Choose criteria of the date from the dropdown.
  • From Date: Select the date to fetch the report data.

2. Export Options

Once you have applied the desired filters, you can take further actions on the generated report:

  • Print: Click the print button to obtain a sales summary report for your records.
  • PDF: Generate a PDF file of the report for easy sharing and offline access.
  • CSV: Export the report data in an Excel file format to perform additional analysis.

3. Report Columns

The Transaction Log Report consists of several columns that provide detailed information about each transaction. Here are the main columns included:
  • Date: Displays the date when the transaction occurred.
  • Register: Shows the name of the register associated with the transaction.
  • Employee: Lists the name of the employee who performed the transaction.
  • Customer: Displays the name of the customer involved in the transaction.
  • ID: Represents the unique identification number assigned to the transaction.
  • Type: Indicates the type of transaction such as Payments, Refunds, Manual In, Manual Out, etc.
  • Cash: Displays the payment methods used, such as Cash, along with the amount.
  • Stripe: Shows payment methods like Stripe, along with the corresponding amount.
  • Combined Totals: Provides combined totals for each transaction type and the defined payment methods.

Key Takeaway

The Transaction Log Report in RepairDesk is a valuable tool that allows you to keep track of all your business transactions. By utilizing this report and its various search filters, you can easily analyze payment activities, refunds, manual entries, and more. With the ability to export, print, and generate PDF files, you can share and access this information conveniently.

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