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Low Stock Report

Low stock report:

The low stock report lists all products which are low on inventory based on minimum stock levels (or re-order thresholds) defined against each product. If current on-hand inventory is above the product minimum level or the product has no minimum stock level set, it will not be displayed on the low stock report.

How this report will benefit over business:

Looking at low stock reports on a regular basis can also enable you to spot patterns around which products are constantly running low. If a particular is always showing on this report, for instance, that could indicate the need to increase your order quantities. 

How to access Low stock Report:
Low stock report can be accessed through POS inventory section and from reports  Under Product and inventory reports.

Low Stock Report Accessed Via Inventory section:

Low Stock Report Accessed Via Reports Dashboard:

Low Stock Report:

Search Filters:

Store: User can select a store from certeria.

Select criteria: Report can be filtered on the bases of criteria like item name, item ID, manufacturer, device, and supplier.

Report Columns :

SKU: SKU attached with product is displayed here in this field.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer attached with product is displayed here.

Device: Device attached to the product is displayed here.

Category: category attached to the product is displayed here.

Product name:  Product name which is in low stock.

Supplier: if the supplier is attached to an item then it will display here.

On hand: current on-hand quantity is displayed here in this column.

Stock warning: Stock warning qty displayed what it is set at the time of creating the item.

Reorder level: Reorder level Set for the item will be displayed here.

On PO: if any Po is generated against the item, then qty will be shown in the report that this much quantity is ordered in purchase order.

Required Qty: in this column (reorder level qty – on hand quantity) is displayed if stock is low as mention in stock warning.

Option To Add Item  into Purchase Order:

User can select the item which is in the low stock report and directly adds than in Purchase order or add in the existing purchase order.

Option to add an item into transfer order from low stock Report:

User can create inventory transfer using low stock report. After selecting specific item user will click add inventory transfer,  here from store will be empty and in to store current store name will be displayed.  When user will click on add to inventory transfer it will redirect user to inventory transfer page. And rest will be the same as done before in inventory transfer.

Low Stock Report for Multi Stores

We have improved the Low Stock Report view for the multi store (in case of default store), where you can view the consolidated list of all the items present in low stock from different stores and create a purchase order for the items from other stores (The PO will be created on the default store and you can transfer items to other stores).

Follow these steps to get going

1. Go to the main dashboard and click on the Low Stock Report (from the default store). You’ll see a consolidated view against all the items from different stores.

2. To drill down the view, click on the plus button adjacent to the Stores, which will display the item store wise. 

3. You can select multiple stores at one time and view the consolidated list of items for the selected stores.

4. You can select the items from the checkbox and create a Transfer or Purchase order for the selected items.

Note: Transfer order will be created for the items selected from a single store only. The Purchase order will be created on the default store, if the item is already present in the inventory.   


Q. How can I track a specific purchase order against each item through low stock report?  
A. yes you can click ON PO, it will open a popup showing item in the respective purchase orders. Here the user can click on the specific purchase order and view its details. 

Q.How can I add the item from low stock into existing purchase order?
you can select a supplier and then press confirm, after confirming if the supplier has pending purchase order then option to add purchase order will appear and the user can select the PO in which item to be added.

Q. How to create transfer order using low stock report?
A.  Yes. A new improvement has been added where you can create the transfer order using the selected store's low stock report. While creating a Transfer Order, you will see a link right under the To Store field. This will open a pop up of Low stock report. You can select the required 

Looking for a step-by-step procedure? Check out this quick guide.

Note: An option to scan the inventory items is also added on the transfer order page, where you can add the items by simply scanning it (which will save time). You can also mark all your items as shipped if there are multiple items added. To know more about these updates, please click here.

Q. How can I view inventory in low stock on the basis of the reorder level?

A. By default, inventory is shown in a low stock report on the basis of stock warning and reorder level. these two fields should not be zero but once you enable the trigger from Settings, Module configuration, Inventory, inventory will be shown in low stock based on reorder level either stock warning is given zero.

Allow low stock alerts based on reorder level value only

Once you enable this trigger, inventory will move to low stock on the basis of the reorder level .

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