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Inventory Transfer and Inter Company Invoicing

RepairDesk has improved its Inventory Transfer module. We have added the option to create the Transfer order using the Low Stock Report. You can also scan or search your inventory items through the Scan Bar on the transfer order page. Another update is the Global status option which will allow you to mark multiple items as shipped.  

Creating a Transfer Order

1. Go to Inventory Transfer and click on the Create Transfer Order button. You will be taken to the Transfer Order page. 

2. After selecting the From and To store, you can add items in the cart. If you want to create a transfer order using the Low stock report, then click on the link below the To store.  

You can scan the listed items and after scanning, the required quantity will increase. The required quantity will be equal to the shipped quantity after proceeding. 3. After proceeding to the Inventory Transfer, you will be shown a pop up.  

The items in the cart that were already present will be deleted and these items will be populated on the transfer order page. 4. The selected items from the Low stock report pop up will be shown in the cart. You can mark all items as shipped by clicking on the drop down shown adjacent to the Status.  

You can scan the inventory items and these in the cart as well with the scan bar.

5. Save the Transfer order by clicking on the button. The user can receive the items by going to the To store.

Note: You cannot change the From or To store stores, after the items have been added to the cart. The system will display an error message.

Similarly, if you try to add an item without selecting the To or From store, you’ll receive an error message as well. 
Creating a Transfer Order with Inter Company Invoice

After enabling Inter Company Invoicing from Franchise Management, you will be able to view the changes on the Transfer order page and Manage Invoices section.

1. Go to Inventory Transfer -> Create Transfer Order (after enabling Inter company invoicing). If the From store has Inter company invoicing enabled, then the user will be shown additional columns and a Save & Create Inter Company Invoice button.

For these changes to take place, the user must be in that store at which the Inter company invoicing is enabled. 

Important: For now, these changes will appear on the main (default) store only, if Inter company invoicing is enabled and the From store is the default store.

If any other store other than the main store is selected, these changes will not be shown.

2. After selecting the From and To store, you can add items in the cart. If the From store has Inter company invoicing enabled and you scan or add the items, then the view will look like the image given below.  

The retail price will be calculated on the basis of profit margin which was set from the Franchise Management or the Franchise Profit Margin Set up tab (for individual items). The profit margin will be applied on the cost price, which will give you a retail price.

Depending on the tax inclusive or exclusive functionality, the calculation for the Total amount will take place. You can change the tax class at runtime and give a discount on the item as well.

To give a discount, simply click on the discount link. A pop up will appear where you can give the discount in percentage or currency.

Hit the Save button and the price after discount will be updated.

Important: If you have disabled the tax settings from the Franchise Management, then the tax class for an individual item will override the global tax class. If you have enabled the tax settings from the Franchise Management, then these settings will act as global settings for all the items (explained here).

3. After you have added items in the cart, you can create an invoice for the transfer order by clicking on the button at the bottom i.e. Save & Create Inter Company Invoice. Only those items will be added to the invoice which have their status marked as shipped.

The items marked as pending will not be added to the Inter company invoice.

4. Hit the Continue button and you will be taken to the page where you can view the Transfer order. To view the invoice, simply click on the link adjacent to the TO number.

5. You will be redirected to the Payment Invoice for the transfer order created where you can view the Due amount and the billing information.  

To add the payment, simply click on the Action -> Add Payment button.

6. After creating the invoice and transfer order, go to the To store to receive the items. The Total cost at the time of receiving will be equal to the amount on the invoice i.e. the total of the transfer order created.

7. To receive the TO, click on Action -> Update and you will be taken to the transfer order where you can receive the items by scanning or simply entering the received quantity.  

8. Now go to the From store and add the payment to your invoice after the Transfer order is completed.   

9. To view the invoice, go to the Manage Invoices section. If Inter company invoicing is enabled, you will see a filter for this.  

10. If the filter is selected, then only the Inter company invoices will be shown. 


Q. Can I add items to the cart, if I have already imported items from the Low Stock Report?

A. Absolutely! You can add items to the cart after importing items from the Low Stock Report. However, if you have added items and then you create TO using the low stock report, then the previously added items will get replaced.

Q. Can I change the From or To store after I have added items in the cart?

A. No. It is not possible to change the From or To store after the items are added. You will be shown a message if you try to change the store. Once the items are added, you cannot change the store. For that you’ll have to either delete all the items or create a new transfer order.

Q. Will the invoice be created if the status of the item is pending?

A. The transfer order will be created, but the invoice will not be created for that item. If there are multiple items having both the statuses pending and shipped, then only the shipped items will be added to the invoice. If you wish to update the status of the items to ‘shipped (from pending), then these items will be added to the same invoice and the invoice will be updated.

Q. Where can I view the data from the transfer order invoice?

A. The Inter company invoice is like a regular invoice, so you will be able to view the data in your sales reports and on the main dashboard as well.

Q. What will happen to the invoice if the shipped items are rejected by the franchise?

A. Nothing will happen to the invoice. You will have to manually delete it (so the data is not reflected in the reports).

Q. Can my employees access the Low Stock Report pop up on the transfer order page?

A. They will be able to access it, if you have given the permission from Employee Roles and Permissions. Go to Roles and Permission -> Transfer Inventory and the Low Stock Report.

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