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⚡ How to create a Transfer Order using Low Stock Report?

RepairDesk provides you with the facility to transfer inventory from one store to another using Low Stock Report. 

What's a Low Stock Report? The low stock report lists all products which are low on inventory based on minimum stock levels (or re-order thresholds) defined against each product. If current on-hand inventory is above the product minimum level or the product has no minimum stock level set, it will not be displayed on the low stock report.  To learn more about Low Stock Report, click here.

Let's see how to create a transfer order from Low Stock Report:

1. From the top menu, go to Inventory > Transfer Inventory.

2. Click Create Transfer Order

3. Specify the Transfer Order details:

a. [Date] - select the date on which you are creating the transfer order.

b. [From Store] - select the store that will transfer the inventory.

c. [To Store] - select the store that will receive the inventory

d. [Created By] - select the user who is creating the invoice.

By default the logged-in user is selected.

e. [Shipped Date] - select the date on which you shipped the inventory.

f. [Shipping Charges] - enter the shipping charges.

This amount is not added in the total cost.

g. [Tracking Id] - enter the tracking id provided by your shipping carrier.

h. [Notes] - enter a note for the store that's receiving the inventory.

Let's add the inventory items using Low Stock Report:

4. Click Create Transfer order using Low stock report.

The Low Stock report dialog is displayed. The dialog provides a comparison report between the two stores.

6. Select or unselect the items as needed.

7. Against the selected items, specify the required quantity you need to transfer.

8.  Click Proceed to Inventory Transfer.

A confirmation message is displayed.

9. Click Continue.

After adding the inventory from Low Stock report, you can add more items using the table as explained here.

The selected items are added to the Transfer Order.

10. Specify the shipping status of each item as needed.

11. Click Save.

The Transfer Order is created and confirmation message is displayed.

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Don't forget to check out the FAQs section.

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