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⚡ How to add a serialized inventory item to Transfer Order

Serialized Inventory items need proper tracking at every step of their lifecycle, even when transferring them to another store. Therefore, RepairDesk offers you a specialized facility of adding a serialized inventory item to a Transfer Order.

Let's see how to do it.

1. From the top menu, go to Inventory > Transfer Inventory.

2. Click Create Transfer Order.

3. Specify the Transfer Order details.

To add a Serialized Inventory items to the Transfer Order:

4. From the Item Name column, select a serialized inventory item.

5. From the Shipped Qty column, click Select Serial.

The Select Serial dialog is displayed.

6. Select the required serials or use the bar code scanner to select specific serials.

7. Click Save Serials.

8. From the Status column, select the appropriate status for the item. 

9. From the Actions column, click the Add button.

You can add more serialized items by repeating the steps from Step 4 to Step 9.

10. Click Save.

The Transfer Order is created and confirmation message is displayed.

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