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RepairDesk Franchise Management and Inter Company Invoicing

RepairDesk now offers Franchise Management and Inter Company Invoicing for its Enterprise users. It will allow the users to organize their franchises by setting up profit margin against product categories. This module offers assistance in different ways like merchandising, marketing and managing in return for a profit margin, which is owned by the parent company.

The users will be able to create an Inter Company Invoice when transferring inventory to different stores or franchises. This feature allows you to bill another company (store or franchise) for the inventory they purchased from your store. It allows the admin to create a sale invoice when transferring inventory within the warehouse.

Setting up Franchise Management

1. Go to Store Settings and click on Franchise Management.

2. After enabling the Inter Company Invoicing, you will be shown a question to set up profit margin against the product categories.   

Enable the profit margin and save the changes. You will see a Profit Margin Setup tab. 3. You can create a price list for different stores and franchises by going to the Profit Margin Setup tab.

4. To create a price list, click on the Create Price list button.

You will be shown all of your store locations. You can also search your store via the search box.

5. After selecting the stores, click on the Save and Next button. On this screen, you will be able to set up Profit Margin for Inventory and Trade in items.

To set up profit margin against all Inventory Items, enter the value in the input box and click on the checkbox. You can set the profit margin in percentage or currency by clicking on the drop down and selecting the required field.

6. On the final screen, you will be shown the summary of your selections made in the previous steps. If you want to change the store locations or profit margin, you can click on the buttons at the top.

7. Now click on the confirm button and enter the price list name.   

After saving the price list, a confirmation message will be shown and then you’ll be able to view the price list you have created.  

Note: After you have enabled Inter Company Invoicing, you will be able to see the changes in the Transfer order page (when creating a TO) and Manage Invoices section. These changes are explained here.

After enabling the Profit Margin set up, you will be able to see the Franchise Profit Margin Set up tab when creating or editing a product from the Manage Inventory section.

You will be shown all of your stores and franchises. You can set up the profit margin against a single item, which will override the profit margin set against the product category. 

After enabling the profit margin, another question will appear asking you to set up different tax settings for Inter Company Invoicing.  

A new tab of Tax Setup will appear after enabling and saving the changes. 

Your tax class settings from the Store Settings will appear here. You can change the Default Tax Class which will update the Tax percentage accordingly.

Important: These tax settings will only affect the calculations on the Transfer order page (after Inter company invoicing is enabled). Also, these settings will override the tax settings for the single item. For example, if you have set up tax inclusive for an item (to be transferred) and here you have enabled tax exclusive, then the item will have the priority from the tax settings here i.e. tax exclusive. The detailed explanation is given here.


Q. Can I set up Inter company invoicing for other stores and franchises?

A. No! Currently the Inter company invoicing and profit margin set up is only available for the main store (default store). The questions about Inter company invoicing, profit margin and tax set up will not be shown on other stores and franchises.

Q. What will happen if I enable Inter company invoicing, but the profit margin is disabled?

A. If you enable the Inter company invoicing (only), then the changes will take place on the Transfer order page and Manage Invoices section.

Q. Can I create more than one price list for a single store?

A. No. You cannot create more than one price list for a single store. When creating a new price list, you will not be shown that store against which the price list is already created. 

Q. Can I have the same name for all my price lists?

A. No. The price list name must be unique in order to avoid confusion.

Q. Can my employees access the Franchise Management settings?

A. Currently, only the admin of the main store will be able to access this feature.

Q. Can I change the Tax percentage for the Default Tax Class in the Tax Set up tab?

A. No. The tax percentage can only be changed from the Tax Configuration module. You cannot change it from here, since it is a static field.

Q. What impact will the Tax settings have on the Transfer order? What if I don’t set up the tax settings at all?

A. These tax settings will override the tax settings of the individual inventory items. If the tax settings is disabled, then the calculations will work on the basis of Global tax settings from Store settings. In this case, the individual item’s tax class will have precedence over the global settings. However, if the tax settings for inter company invoicing are enabled, then these changes will work as global settings on the Transfer order calculations and in this case the individual item’s tax class will not have precedence.

The detailed explanation for the Transfer order calculations is given in this article.  

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