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How to transfer stock from one store location to another?

RepairDesk gives you the option of transferring inventory from one store location to another. You simply need to create a Transfer Order for sending inventory to another store location and receive items to complete the inventory transfer.

Don't worry - in just 6 steps we will show you how to send items to another location with a transfer order. 


1. Create Transfer Order. 
a). Go to Inventory >> Transfer Inventory
b). Click on the Create Transfer Order button at the top. It will take you to a screen where you can create a transfer order.
c). To import items via CSV file upload, please read this article for more information.  

2. Add Transfer Order details.
Fill in the important information regarding the transfer order such as date of creating transfer order, shipping date, destination store, employee creating the transfer order, shipping charges, tracking ID, notes etc. 

3. Add items to Transfer Order
a) Add an item to the transfer order by entering SKU or selecting the item from the drop down menu under the Item Name column.
b) Enter the quantity to be transferred in the Shipped Qty field, select the status of the transfer order and click on the "+" icon under the Action heading to add an item to the transfer order.
c) Once an item is added to a transfer order, you can see a delete icon for removing the item from the transfer order. 
d)Cost price will be displayed fro the item selected to transfer.

Note: while creating transfer order user cannot mark it cancel. it can only be canceled after you have saved the transfer order.

4. Send Items 
To send items via a transfer order, change the status of the items to shipped and hit Save. Your transfer order has been created and items are waiting to be received at the destination location. 

5. Receive Inventory 
To receive the inventory which has been transferred to you, Go to Inventory>> Transfer Inventory>> Transfer In. Go to the transfer order with the status of waiting for items. Select the Action button and click on Update. Now choose the status as received. if you have received the items. Hit the Save button to confirm the completion on inventory transfer.

6. Print Transfer Order
You can print the transfer order by clicking on Action>> Print. You can also see the history of the transfer order by seeing the Admin History at the bottom. 

As you can see, with RepairDesk transferring inventory has never been more easier. What are you waiting for? Give it a try! 

Q. How to add multiple items in a transfer order?
A. You can do it through a .CSV file import. To know more, please click here

Q. When can I sell items which are in a transfer order? 
A. Until items in a transfer order are not received by the recipient store, you cannot sell these items. Once an item is marked as shipped, it goes to In-Transit Inventory and remain there until it is received by the recipient. Once an item is received, it can be sold then. 

Q. How can I transfer low stock items from one store location to another?
A. The easiest method is to download low stock report and copy the relevant columns in a .CSV file and later import that file to create a transfer order. To download a low stock report go to inventory >> low stock report and click on CSV download button. Once the file is downloaded, match its columns with a sample .CSV import file for Transfer Order. Copy the data from low stock report for columns in the Transfer Inventory sample CSV file. Finally import this file in order to create a transfer order. 
This will create a transfer order for all items with low stock. 

Q.What will happen to Canceled transfer orders?
A.  Both the sender and receiver can cancel the transfer order. once the sender cancels the order system will ask user that either he wants to ad back inventory to system or he wants to mark it as faulty and don't add back  to inventory.

If the Item is shipped and then marked as Faulty, its quantity will not be added back to inventory. it will be present in the Intransit report.

Q.What will be the Procedure if receiver store cancels or reject the sent item?
A.If the receiver store cancels the item at the time of receiving then that item will be available in In transit report with status as canceled. user from sender Store can Perform action against that item that either he will add them back to inventory or marked them as faulty. Once you add back item into inventory it will  be removed from Intransit report.

Q.How can I transfer Serial from one store to other?
A. You can simply search serial while adding a transfer order. if the item is serialized then only selected serial will be transferred to another store.once the serial is added in line then the user can not change added serials.

Q. How to create a transfer order using low stock report?
A. User can create inventory transfer using low stock report. After selecting specific item user will click add inventory transfer from low stock report, Here from store will be empty and in to store current store name will be displayed.  When user will click on add to inventory transfer it will redirect user to inventory transfer page. And rest will be the same as done before in inventory transfer.

Q.Can i view stock of other store while creating inventory transfer?
A. yes you can see stock of other stores while creating transfer order, but its based on permission assigned to specific role. 

View on hand across stores popup:

Q.How can I transfer multiple serilas using inventory transfer functionality?
A. You can simply select a serilized item in order to create transfer order, their you need to select serials you want to transfer. you can either select serilas manually or scan them with the help of a barcode scanner. Based on the scanned serial quantity and cost price will be updated. select the status for transfer order and based on that status serials will be transferred.

Q. Can I directly scan the serial and add it to the transfer order?
A. Yes, you can simply scan the item serial in SKU/ID field and that serial will be added. but you can only add one serial, if you want to add more serials then you need to select them from select serial POPUP.

Q. Can I create Transfer order using Low Stock Report from transfer order page?
A. Yes. A new improvement has been added where you can create the transfer order using the selected store's low stock report. You will see a link under the To store which will open a pop up of Low stock report. For more details, please click here.

Note: An option to scan the inventory items is also added on the transfer order page, where you can add the items by simply scanning it (which will save time). You can also mark all your items as shipped if there are multiple items added. To know more about these updates, please click here.

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