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How to add Staff comments?

Staff comments can be useful  when you need to include additional information for a job for your technician. These can only be seen by the admin and selected employee.  It will show up in your log notes, but not on the customer portal. Staff comments on a ticket may also indicate details about the job or the thought process behind public comments.

To add staff comments:

1. Open the ticket by clicking on Edit Ticket.
You can add staff comments from Ticket Detail Screen.  
2. At the bottom, click on Private Comments tab.
3. Tag or mention someone in the comment by selecting staff member from "To" drop down menu.
4. Select whether you want to add a comment, send a SMS or Email.
5. Hit Save to add comment.

6. You can add staff comments from ticket listing page as well. Just click on the Action button and select View/Add Comments option. 

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