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How to transfer ticket from one store to another location?

Often you take in a repair job and you need it to be transferred to your other store where there is an appropriately qualified technician, part or equipment is available. Well now you can transfer tickets to other store location with a single click from tickets view page.

How Ticket Transfer Works:

To transfer a ticket from one store location to another follow the steps below:

1. Go to Manage tickets section in Repairs (Repairs>> Manage Tickets).
2. Click the Action button in front of the ticket that you wish to transfer to the other store location.
3. Select Transfer Ticket.

4. Select the Store Location and the Ticket Assignee.
5. Upon clicking Save your ticket will be transferred to the selected location.

Similarly, once the device has been repaired and job completed, you can transfer the ticket back from where it came from.

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