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How can I upload pictures for inventory items?

In RepairDesk you have the option to upload any picture or image for an inventory item, whether it be an Accessory, Trade In or Casual item. When you upload an image for any specific inventory item, it shall appear on the POS screen 

1. Go to Inventory >> Manage Inventory >> Product.
2. Select an item by clicking on its Item ID or by clicking on the Action button and selecting Edit.
3. Under the Product Info tab, you will find the Upload Picture section. You can upload any picture as long as its size doesn't exceed the limit of 2 MB and it is in JPEG format. You can alternatively drag an image from your system in the Drop Image Here section.
4. After, selecting the image, click on Upload Button and click on Save Item so save your changes.
5. To delete an image associated with an inventory item, click on the Remove button. 

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