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How can I generate and print Barcode for tangible inventory items?

Generating bar codes can help you in tracking inventory items as well as giving you the ease to scan multiple items at counter or while adding inventory. You can generate bar codes for an item in RepairDesk. In this article we will show you how to generate and print bar codes for tangible inventory items. To know about serialized inventory and how to generate its bar codes, click here.  

1. Go to Inventory >> Manage Inventory >> Products.
2. Open an item by clicking on its Item ID or click on the Action button and select Edit.
3. Under the product info tab, click on Print Bar Code under UPC CODE.

4. To print this bar code, click on Print Bar Code. A PDF view of the bar code will appear. You can either download it on your computer or send it directly to the printer.

5. Make sure to click on Save Item after making any changes. 


Q. Is there any way to change the design for inventory label?
A. yes you select the barcode design as per your choice for detail click on the link to proceed :

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