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How can I edit or customize Invoice design?

You can fully customize invoices with your company logo, slogan, footer along with terms and conditions through RepairDesk. It's super easy to implement and will take only a few clicks. 

Edit Invoice Footer and Details

To modify company information and other details on invoices, 

1. Head to Settings
2. Click on Module Configuration
3. Select Invoices

The logo, slogan, terms & conditions and other details you set on this page will appear on all of your invoices. 

On this page you can enter the following details which would be displayed on your invoices:

Logo - Your company logo
Default Invoice Title - Title appearing on invoice such as "Tax Invoice" or "Check In Receipt"
Default Payment Terms - Define payment term for invoice, i.e. Due upon receipt or Due after 15 days
Default Invoice Slogan - Your company slogan appearing on invoice
Default invoice footer - Footer showing up at the bottom of your invoice
Default Terms & Conditions - Terms and conditions showing up on your invoice
Terms & Conditions on Signature - Terms & Conditions showing close to Signature area
Terms & Conditions on Refund Signature - Enter Terms & Conditions when issuing a refunded invoice

You will also find triggers at the bottom such as:

Show signature on invoice - Enable/ Disable the showing up of signatures on invoices
Hide Due date - Enable this trigger to hide due date on invoice

Customize Invoice

To customize the look and feel of your invoices, head to RepairDesk's Template Editor under Integrations

Here you can view different types of receipts and invoices. Select the Action button in front of Invoice A4 Template and select Edit to modify invoice template. 

Here you can completely customize the appearance of your invoices. Available tags are present at the bottom. Copy and paste these tags in relevant places and completely alter the look and feel of your invoices according to your need. 

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