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How can I update or delete an inventory item?

You can easily update or remove an item from your inventory in RepairDesk. Also, if you want to remove multiple items from a store or completely delete them from RepairDesk, you can use the bulk delete functionality.

Let us show you how!

A. Update an inventor item

1. Go to Inventory >> Manage Inventory.

2. Select Mobile, Accessories & Parts, Trade In, or Casual.

3. Apply filter to search for a particular item

4. Click on the Action button against the specific item

5. Click on Update.

6. Make changes in the item’s product info, stock quantity and price sections.

7. Click on Save Item to implement changes.

B. Delete an Item

1. Go through step 1 to 4 for updating an item (same steps).

2. Click on Delete.

3. A message will open asking confirmation for deleting the item. Click on Yes button.

C. Remove an Item.

1. Click on the Action button against a specific item.

2. Click on Remove from Store.

3. Hit OK.



Q. What is the difference between delete and remove from store?

A. Deleting an item completely removes that item from RepairDesk inventory whereas when user selects the option o remove from store it will only be deleted from the current store and would be available at other store locations.

Q. How can I delete multiple items at once?

A. Select the items you want to delete by marking check box against them. You can also click on the check box in the Item ID column heading to select all items on that page. Click on the big Acton button at the top right corner and select Delete selected items. To remove selected items from the current store only, click on Remove from This Store Only

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