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How can I add unlocking device details on new ticket?

In order to add unlocking device details on a new ticket go to Create Ticket page. Under unlocking section add the following details:

Network: Select the network the device is locked on from the drop down list.

Device Model: Select the device model.

IMEI: Enter the IMEI number.

Unlock Code: This field is to be filled with the unlock code which you receive from your supplier..

Price: This displays the price you have set for the network. It is editable.

Cost Price: This displays the cost price you have already set.

Discount: This field is used in case you wish to give discount to the customer.

GST Class: Select the tax class.

GST: This displays the calculated tax on the price. You can set tax percentage in the settings. 

Status: Select the status of the unlock job

Submit Via API: This works if you have integrated your POS with either IMEI Unlock or DHRU API.

Once all details are entered, Hit Add Line Item to save the details or add new unlock job detail.

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